About The Report

Hi, I’m Olivia.

At age 12, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. What I’ve hated most about the disease isn’t the intolerance to gluten, but how high maintenance it makes me sound. Back in the early 2000’s, no one knew what gluten was. My mom was constantly explaining to waiters, which embarrassed me to the point where I’d rather just eat the gluten and get the stomachache. Now in 2019, I’m blessed with many more options, but often met with eye rolls from people assuming I’m on a weird, ill-informed health kick.

The rise of craft cider has been a saving grace. Not only can I fly under the radar holding a can or glass of amber-colored liquid at a party, but it tastes good! Not the so-sugary-it’s-gritty Angry Orchard that was the sole option at my grocery store 10 years ago.

Cider Report is my way of shining a light on the cider I enjoy and appreciate so much. While I do provide ratings on a 5 apple scale, I am certainly no expert. I’ve made my own batch of cider once, and it was definitely a 🍎 (1/5). With every review, I will be sure to give a full description that encourages readers to give it a try themselves if a certain aspect peaks their interest.

Now let’s go save the world from overly sugary ciders. Cheers!

I know…it’s not a cider.