Bull City | OYAH

Bull City claims it’s an acronym for “Orange You A Hippie” but regardless, popping one on a 95° Charlotte day will make you wanna say “Oyah!” Flavored with orange peel and hibiscus flowers, the pink hued cider is citrusy, tropical, and refreshing.

I’m only a couple hours away from Bull City and have tried a handful of their ciders, but still need to make the trek out to the taproom. Expect a cidery exclusive soon, and check out all of their ciders here!

Rating: 🍎🍎🍎🍎 (4/5)

To give you some perspective into my approach to this blog/site/whatever it is, this particular post triggered some influencer marketing fun. It all started when one of my college roommates tagged another college roommate, Rachel, saying, “Sounds like something you would drink” (as she is a hippie now). Rachel responded by 1) following the account and 2) commenting that she’d actually wanted to give OYAH a try. This led to my glorious realization that Rachel had no idea I was the operator of Cider Report. I’ve since reached out to Rachel with the humble request below in exchange for OYAH. She’s definitely seen it and has not responded in over a day – stay tuned to see how this all turns out!