Good Road | Sentier de Peche

Always love when a brewery has a great cider option on tap! Good Road’s Sentier de Peche translates to Peach Pathway in French. The peach cider 🍑 has just enough tartness that the peach isn’t overwhelming. Refreshing pick for summer!

Funny story about Good Road… I was at a start-up networking event and saw by a man’s nametag that he worked for “Good Roads.” Since Good Road Ciderworks is here in Charlotte, I thought it was perfectly normal for them to be the event and asked what sort of digital talent they were looking for, to which he replied, one data scientist and two engineers. “Wow, what is it that you need a data scientist for?” I asked, and he explained that they take samples across the country, yada, yada, yada. Turns out, Good Roads is a tech start-up that uses special devices to monitor road conditions. Nothing to do with the cider that I was excited to learn more about. So much for dream jobs!

Expect to see a full tasting review of this hometown cidery soon, but if you’d like to learn more yourself, check out their site!

Rating: 🍎🍎🍎🍎 (4/5)